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HC Oranje-Rood (Hockey Club Orange-Red) was born from the merger between EMHC (founded in 1921) and MHC Oranje Zwart (founded in 1935). The official launch date of HC Oranje-Rood is July 1, 2016.

In September 2016, the new sports centre  was opened. With four water fields, one semi-water field, three sand courts,  a playing and training field for the youth, plenty of dressing rooms, a cosy bar with various seating areas, a second floor named 'Lounge12' and a stand with over 1,500 seats, all of which makes the club a modern and comprehensive  sports facility.

The new building was realized by contributions from three parties: the province of North-Brabant, the municipality Eindhoven and the predecessors of HC Oranje-Rood: EMHC and MHC Oranje Zwart.

HC Oranje-Rood is aware of its duties and social role as a sports club. In consultation with the municipality Eindhoven and other partners in the Genneper Parken (where the club is situated), it develops ideas to give all sorts of groups in our society the opportunity to engage in sporting activities together. That’s why our new building also provides room for other activities. Furthermore, the municipality itself also invests in the area as the next step in the quality boost for Genneper Parken.

As of January 2017, the hockey club has over 2,500 members, where the majority (about 1,600 youth members) play on Saturdays. On Sundays, another 900 seniors and veterans play hockey with great enthusiasm.

Please contact Maartje Fleuren at [email protected]  to learn more about our hockey club, how to become a full member or a training member, or learn about the many possibilities in our clubhouse which, for example, can be rented for parties or business meetings.